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We offer a comprehensive graffiti removal service, removing drawings, paintings or messages that are written,sprayed or painted on public and private surfaces without the permission of the owners.

Graffiti damage Graffiti is a problem because it can:

  • Look bad.
  • Be offensive - racist, sexist, homophobic, inflammatory etc
  • Make an area appear rundown and neglected.
  • Encourage more anti-social behaviour and crimes.
  • Make people feel frightened and intimidated.
  • Be difficult and expensive to remove.
  • Negatively impact on the local economy as visitors are less likely to want to visit an area defaced by graffiti.

We have a number of solutions available to remove graffiti.  How the graffiti is removed will depend on the surface that has been damaged (e.g. brick or metal), and the method that has been used to deface the surface (e.g. spray paint, permanent marker etc).

Graffiti is usually successfully removed using a combination of specialist chemicals and high pressure jet washes. 
Where the surface is not suitable for total chemical removal and the graffiti cannot be fully removed it can often be painted over.

Where a surface is persistently victim to graffiti it may be suitable to apply an ‘anti-graffiti coating’. These coatings can be applied to a surface and whilst they do not protect from graffiti attacks, they can make the removal process quicker and less labour intensive.

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